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3d Miniature dolls in Bangalore at affordable price!

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RanguRangeela 3D Dolls Offering 3D Replica Dolls from your photos. we use 3d Printing Technology for making your dolls but you need to know it is not simple as taking photos from a mobile phone & not an automated process it takes efforts of our artists. Yes! Your dolls are artistic! Hand Sculpted on Digital Media and Hand Painted every details by our professional artists . which makes it a beautiful and Realistic* 3d Replica version of your Regular photograph.

3D Miniature Dolls are Best Idea for Gifting Nowadays . We Offer Customised 3D Replica Dolls from your photographs at Affordable Price . So you can gift it on any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary , Honor , Special Gift , Say Thanks, Valentines Day , Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day , Father’s Day , Raksha Bandhan etc.

We offer free delivery for 3d miniature dolls in Bangalore(Bengaluru),Karnataka and all over india . Overseas Delivery Charges Extra.

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3D Miniature Dolls in Bangalore

Why Choose us :


We give our customers transparent services. We work together with our customer full order process go through your approvals.

How we Make your 3D Replica Doll

We convert your regular 2d Photographs in to 3d version by hand sculpting on digital media and prepare design of your model and send for your approval once you approve your design we go for 3d Printing process and then we paint your model as seen in photographs we try to match your clothes , colors, artistically similar .We do not commit hyper realistic or realistic doll but we offer 70-80% face matching of your doll and work hard to bring it to our benchmarks up.

ON TIME Delivery of your 3D Doll

However it is a time taking and artistic work and takes 10-15 days overall depends on complexity of model and revisions and delivery location . we try to put our best to deliver your model asap .Tell us your requirements for exact making and delivery times.

Book your Order Online or Book on WhatsApp !

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